If Lacock Abbey was the birth place of the calotype and modern photography then St Andrews became its Nursery . Here it grew and developed uninhibited by William Henry Fox Talbots patent in England. Key names in the development of the Calotype in St Andrews were the Adamson brothers Dr John and Robert , Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair and Sir David Brewster. Many of the scenes that they cut their teeth on in the 1840s are still there . If you are interested in early Photography then St Andrews will delight you.

Guardbridge is the now derelict site of a paper mill , Prior to this it was a distillery . The site is about 5 miles west of St Andrews , it has connections with St Andrews in that the gentleman who opened the distillery was William Haig of Seggie who was provost in the early 1840's prior to Sir David Brewster. The modern connection is that the Special collections of  St Andrews are due to relocate there in the near future. It seemed fitting that the Calotype should be used to record these impossing buildings.

Some of the prints in this Album are now held in the Special Collections Department at St Andrews . And I have been told that they are kept in the same box as some recently acquired Hill and Adamson prints which of course makes me very very happy !

My intention is to make an Album of prints from this collection - " Calotype Souvenirs of St Andrews " .

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge each image.(pc)


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