Here are some interesting links.

The Calotype Society - introducing my fellow 21st century Calotypists.  

Larry Schaaf's weekly blog.

Mat McCosh - he used to make Calotypes , but turned to Collodion in dispair. Nevertheless his work on glass is atmospheric and very fine indeed.

Roxanne Prescott - an enthusiastic member of the Calotype Society , and someone who has given me great support when finding my way around the Calotype process . She tends to favour the Collodion process these days and her work is very beautiful.

If you love the work of Robert Adamson and David Octavius Hill then this is a treat.

Fiction writer and St Andrews graduate Ali Bacon brings her own words to the calotypes of Hill and Adamson and lends a voice to those who sat for them. I heard a reading by Ali at the photographic Festival in St Andrews during September (2016) and this lady has talent .

Richard Alton is a very fine and insightful photographer with a unique eye for animal photography . Mainly shooting Kodak Tri x 400 film with his trusty Leica camera . Currently living in Zambia he writes a weekly blog which introduced me to the Photography of Saul Leiter . For which I am eternally greatful.

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